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Watershed Improvement District

The Snoqualmie Valley Watershed Improvement District was officially formed on Dec 7 after receiving a 94% approval by voters in the district. The Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance assisted with the administrative steps to form the district, and is on contract through 2016 to staff the district in its first year.

Commissioners are: Siri Erickson-Brown (President), Local Roots; Jason Roetcisoender (Secretary), Green Acres Dairy; Gary Remlinger, Remlinger Farms; Patrick McGlothlin, Goose and Gander Farm; David Andrews, farm/land owner.


Farmers, residents and businesses have long recognized that there is always too much or too little water.  The purpose of the watershed improvement district is to address water needs on a system-wide basis, protect water rights, increase access to irrigation, and address drainage issues. It would address irrigation needs by enabling a more efficient method to implement movement of water rights from those who have them to those who need them. This is especially important to the growing number of small farmers who are less likely to have adequate water rights. The district would address drainage by managing regulation and infrastructure on a system-wide level, rather than parcel by parcel.

WID Concept and FAQ

WID Distric Map

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Flood Impact Evaluation, Monitoring, and Mitigation  Ongoing Monitoring and Collaboration

First Ever Watershed Improvement District in Snoqualmie Valley passes by 94%!

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The election results are in: landowners in the lower Snoqualmie Valley voted for the district at an overwhelming rate of 94%! The district was officially established on Monday, December 7.

Five commissioners were sworn in: Siri Erickson-Brown and Jason Roetcisoender (3 year terms), Gary Remlinger and Patrick McGlothlin (2 year terms) and David Andrews (1 year term). Congratulations to the commissioners, and thank you for serving your community.

Check back for time/location of district’s first meeting.