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Get involved with SVPA!

At SVPA, we are all about community. We were created by community to serve community and we are grateful for the many community members that support our mission, whether by providing input, feedback, & expertise to inform our decision-making and collaborative work efforts, through donations and in-kind contributions, by hosting our Floodzilla Gauges, or by volunteering with us in a variety of capacities.

We welcome all who have the desire to help us protect and enhance the lives, livelihoods, lands, and waters of the Snoqualmie Valley to engage with us. There are many different ways to get involved with the SVPA. Check out the many opportunities below!

The SVPA works on a variety of projects in the Snoqualmie Valley relating to flooding, agriculture, land use planning/policy, water security/access, climate change impacts, ecosystem health, beaver management, and floodplain/watershed management. YOU are our best eyes and ears on the ground and we want to know what you are seeing and experiencing in the valley so that we can work towards actionable solutions and better represent the valley community at decision-making tables. Please email Lauren Silver, SVPA Executive Director, at to submit or report a valley issue relating to our work, provide input or feedback on a project, program, or collaborative effort, or if you would like help finding resources or experts that can assist you with a question or concern. Even if our staff isn’t able to answer a question or provide a service, we’d love to point you in the right direction to help meet your needs!

Looking to volunteer with us? We’d love to have you! There are a number of volunteer roles to choose from:

  • Floodzilla Gauge Steward
  • Floodzilla Data Steward
  • Fieldwork Volunteer
  • Office Volunteer
  • Taste of the Valley Volunteer

All of the work we do here at SVPA centers around protecting and enhancing the lives, livelihoods, lands, and waters of the beautiful Snoqualmie River Valley. We envision a future where we have :

  • A thriving and resilient local agricultural economy and food system
  • A healthy river, floodplain, and forest ecosystem that supports and sustains our natural resources and wildlife as well as our working resource lands.
  • Flooding risk and impact solutions that respect the natural system of a river and its floodplain but also protects lives, homes, livelihoods, and more from more severe, more frequent, and unpredictable flooding events that have resulted from climate change, development impacts, and land use changes.

We work towards these ends by serving as a very effective force for forging productive relationships between community members, farmers, residents, tribes, natural resource professionals, and county and state officials. We are able to hear the voices of those on the ground in the Snoqualmie Valley and elevate those voices in important decision making spaces. Donations go a long way towards allowing us to spend valuable time, energy, and resources here at the SVPA into putting in the work to research, collect data and information, work with experts, engage with and hear from community members, understand the issues, advocate for the well-being of the Valley, and develop actionable strategies and on the ground solutions to Valley challenges.

We truly could not do what we do without the incredible support of our community. Thank you, sincerely, to all of our past, present, and future donors for your generosity and passion for the work we do!

The Floodzilla Gauge Network is a valuable and important community resource. We provide real-time flood water level data to users for free and readings are updated every 15 minutes during the flood season. This tool as well as our advanced warning system that sends alerts to users about flood forecasts, water levels at various locations in the lower Snoqualmie Valley, and road closures, allows farmers, residents, business owners, commuters, visitors, and land managers know how to better prepare and respond during flood events. In order to keep this service up and running indefinitely and continue to make improvements, we need your help! Consider becoming a Floodzilla Donor or Sponsor. Click here to learn more about our donation and sponsorship levels as well as the benefits you receive as a token of our appreciation!

Levels of Giving 

  • Gift from a Friend
  • Floodzilla Advocate
  • Floodzilla Super Steward
  • Floodzilla Gauge Champion

Do you know of a site in where it would be useful to monitor flood water elevation in real-time? Let us know and we might be able to put a Floodzilla Gauge at that location! To submit a proposed gauge site, please email Regina Fletcher, SVPA Floodzilla Field Scientist, at and briefly describe the location and why you believe it should be monitored.

As a small nonprofit, we strive to ensure our dollars are going into our mission work, ensuring we are continuing to provide valuable programs and resources, informed policy guidance, and building productive working relationships with partners to preserve and enhance the treasure that is the Snoqualmie Valley. Limitations with grant funding sometimes restrict our ability to purchase much-needed tools, equipment, and office supplies or hire contractors to assist with various short-term projects. If you have items you believe would be useful to our organization’s programs and projects or if you are able to perform a service in-kind, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Lauren Silver at to see if your donated goods or services are a good fit for SVPA. As a 501(c)(3), the value of your donation is tax-deductible as determined by IRS guidelines. We are deeply grateful for any and all support!