Flood Impact Evaluation, Monitoring, and Mitigation

Protecting viability of farmers, residents and businesses is central to our mission, and nothing affects their viability more than the river itself. Flooding is a part of life in the Snoqualmie Valley, but flooding made worse and less predictable by human intervention must be addressed if farms, businesses and residents are to thrive. Development activity upstream and downstream can result in flood devastation from any combination of higher peak flows, slower drainage, less reliable flood warning and monitoring tools, and late season flooding, which can destroy spring plantings.

The SVPA works with community members, landowners, King County, Department of Ecology, Flood Management District, King Conservation District, and nonprofits to ensure that the policies and standards for flood management, habitat restoration projects and recreation uses are compatible with long term viability of the lower Valley.

The SVPA has been invited to provide peer review for a long overdue hydrologic and hydraulic study for the Snoqualmie River Basin, especially as it relates to recent work on the Snoqualmie Falls. The study is due out in December 2014. Our long term goal is to investigate and champion solutions for flood storage, especially in light of the concerns over the possibility of reduced snow pack in the region during the next ten to fifty years.

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