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Your contribution will help the SVPA protect the Snoqualmie Valley for generations to come.

Thank you for your support! Donations are tax deductible. Checks can be made to the Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance and mailed to PO Box 1148, Carnation, WA 98014. Please click the button below to give using a credit/debit card.

All of the work we do here at SVPA centers around protecting and enhancing the lives, livelihoods, lands, and waters of the beautiful Snoqualmie River Valley. We envision a future where we have :

  • A thriving and resilient local agricultural economy and food system
  • A healthy river, floodplain, and forest ecosystem that supports and sustains our natural resources and wildlife as well as our working resource lands.
  • Flooding risk and impact solutions that respect the natural system of a river and its floodplain but also protects lives, homes, livelihoods, and more from more severe, more frequent, and unpredictable flooding events that have resulted from climate change, development impacts, and land use changes.

We work towards these ends by serving as a very effective force for forging productive relationships between community members, farmers, residents, tribes, natural resource professionals, and county and state officials. We are able to hear the voices of those on the ground in the Snoqualmie Valley and elevate those voices in important decision making spaces. Donations go a long way towards allowing us to spend valuable time, energy, and resources here at the SVPA into putting in the work to research, collect data and information, work with experts, engage with and hear from community members, understand the issues, advocate for the well-being of the Valley, and develop actionable strategies and on the ground solutions to Valley challenges.

We truly could not do what we do without the incredible support of our community. Thank you, sincerely, to all of our past, present, and future donors for your generosity and passion for the work we do!