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Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance
Advocating for resource lands of the beautiful Snoqualmie River Valley

Our mission is to protect and enhance the lives, livelihoods, lands, and waters of the beautiful Snoqualmie River valley by working collaboratively to find balanced, long-term solutions to land use planning, agricultural viability, watershed management, ecosystem health, and flood risk mitigation.


The SVPA is a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of a Pacific Northwest regional treasure, the Snoqualmie Valley. The Snoqualmie Valley is comprised of over 440,000 acres of forests, farms, and small cities, all within an hours’ drive of Seattle and within King County. As the urban centers expand rapidly, the rural counterpoint, the environmental and economic viability of the Valley are put under great pressure.

Recently, the Valley’s agricultural zone has been greatly impacted by larger flooding events, incompatible land uses, and large scale restoration projects. The SVPA advocates for farms, farmers, and landowners because we believe that all of King County benefits from a viable local food source, sustainable small rural businesses and myriad recreation opportunities, just minutes from our urban centers.

The SVPA: A Voice for protecting the Snoqualmie Valley. Hear from farmers and landowners about how the SVPA works for them and the ongoing health of the region.